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Welcome to the Center of Wireless Networks

Center of Wireless Networks

(Simulation / Software portion of Communication and Radar Lab.)

Department of Electronics Engineering

Z. H. College of Engineering and Technology

Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh - India

Co-ordinator :-                   Dr. Mirza Salim Beg, Ph. D. (UK), FIETE, MIEEE (USA), Professor

Research  Scholars:-      1. Mr. Mohd. Israil,  M. Sc. Physics (Electronics) (2004), SMIEEE (USA), AMIETE

                                          2. Mr. Rehan Muzammil, M. Tech (E & C) (1996), MIETE



The center for Wireless Applications is presently accommodated in the Software Portion of the Communication and Radar laboratory. The center for Wireless Applications is equipped with the latest instruments in wireless communications which include Blue-tooth equipments, Software Defined Radio equipments, Digital Mobile Communication Simulation Projects. The Center is engaging Post Graduate students for research work in the latest technology of wireless Blue-tooth communication, the development of  wireless applications in 3G and beyond 3G  mobile phones and computer networks including Wi-Fi and Wi-Max, thereby, catering to the present and the future needs of our nation.


The following lines give the brief description of these equipments:-

Blue tooth Wireless Communications

Software Defined Radio

Digital Mobile Communication


Besides the above equipments, the following kits are also available in the center for Wireless Application :-
1.  Basic Antenna Trainer Kit (600 MHz), model ATS-01                         01 kit
2.  Basic Satellite Communication Trainer (2.4 GHz), model STC-1         01 kit
3.  Doppler’s Radar Trainer (10 GHz), model DRX-10                            01 kit
4.  Blue-tooth Java Software Development Kit model JB-22                     01 kit 

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