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Welcome to the "Laboratory Manuals" of Engr M. Hadi Ali Khan


Laboratory Manuals for  B.Tech (Electronics)


To download the desired Laboratory Manual, right-click on the relevant link given below, and choose "Save Target As" from the opening menu:-

Note:- These manuals are in PDF, so Adobe Acrobat Reader should be installed to open them.         

Download the following Experiments :-  

Transmission of AF signals by Amplitude Modulation

Setting the Apparatus for determination of Sensitivity/Selectivity Characteristics of Radio Receiver

Study of TDM and PCM (04 pages) 

All about Time Division Multiplexing and Pulse Code Modulation (53 pages) 

Study of PLL as the FM demodulator

Delta Modulation using Scientech DM Trainer Kit model ST-2105 

Study of the Eye Pattern 

Designing and using a 7-bit PRBS generator

Encoding of Data in different formats and Transmission and reception of data by FSK

Understanding and Using Digital Storage Oscilloscope 

Download the Data-sheets of the following ICs :- 

PLL (NE565)     OTA (CA3080)    Switches (CD4066)     Dual D-Flip Flop (7474)      Ex-OR (7486)     Timer (555)