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Communication and Radar Laboratory

Experiments being conducted during the  current  Session 2009 - 2010

Lab Course EL 392 ( Communication Lab. I)

1.             Wave-form Analysis (Determination of harmonics of a symmetrical square-wave) using Sigma kit COM-118

2.             AM & Demodulation  (Plot of modulation characteristics)

3.             Frequency Modulation and Demodulation using Trinity Kit model CS-1204

4.            Transmission Lines (Velocity of propagation & reflections at different load terminations), TecQuipment (U. K.) kit E15i

5.             Envelop Detector (Detection characteristics)

6.             PWM  (Plot of modulation characteristics)

7.             Sampling & Re-construction using Scientech Kit ST-2101

8.             Sensitivity Characteristics of Superhetrodyne Radio Receiver using Scientech Kit ST-2202

9.             Distortion Measurement using Scientific Distortion Meter model HM-5027

10    Application of MATLAB software in the simulation of a modulation system.

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