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Communication and Radar Laboratory

Experiments Conducted in the Session 2007 - 2008

Lab. Course EL - 392 (Communication Lab. - I) :-

1.             Wave-form Analysis (Determination of harmonics of a symmetrical square-wave)

2.             AM & Demodulation  (Plot of modulation characteristics)

3.             FM – VCO  (Plot of modulation characteristics)

4.             FM Demodulation – PLL  (Lock range, Capture range & Plot of De-modulation characteristics)

5.             Transmission Lines (Velocity of propagation & reflections at different load terminations)

6.             Envelop Detector (Detection characteristics)

7.             PWM  (Plot of modulation characteristics)

8.             Sampling & Re-construction

9.             SSB – Modulation & De-modulation

 Lab Course EL 394 ( Communication Lab. –II)

1.      Sensitivity / Selectivity Characteristics of AM Radio Receiver (Scientech Model ST-2202)

2.      Study of Delta Modulation using Scientech kit  “ST-2105”

3.      Experimental verification of Digital Modulation Schemes (ASK/PSK/OOK/APSK)

4.      Study of Inter-symbol Interference using Eye-pattern kit

5.      To plot the radiation patterns for various antennae using the ATS-2000 kit. Calculate the directivity,

          beam-width  and the gain for all antennae used.

6.      Study of Micro-strip LPF, BPF, BRF & Power divider using the SICO AMTK-100 kit.

7.      Study of Error detection and correction using 7, 4 Block codes kit.

8.      Measurement of distortion using Distortion meter. Model HM 5027 (Scientific)

 Lab Course EL 492 ( Communication Lab. –III)

1:  Study of DSSS using LFSR (m-sequence and Gold codes)

2:  Characteristics of Optical Transmitter (LED) and Optical Receiver (Photo-diode)

3 : Study of Pulsed Radar and its use in distance measurement of a target.

4 : Study of a 16 – Level QAM


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