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Welcome to the Communication and Radar Laboratory

Communication and Radar Laboratory

Department of Electronics Engineering

Z. H. College of Engineering and Technology

Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh - India


The Communication and Radar Laboratory is the largest and the most advanced laboratory of the Department of Electronics Engineering occupying one big hall of the department for its “Hardware portion” and another big room for its “Software (Simulation)” portion.

The Hardware Portion of the Laboratory

Equipped with a large number of advanced experimental kits based on the latest technology from India and abroad, the “Hardware Portion” of the Laboratory is presently conducting more than twenty experiments at the under graduate level catering to the need of “Three Laboratory Courses” of  B.Tech (Electronics) and is providing facilities to carry on Projects and Dissertations at the Post Graduate and Research level, in the fields of Analog and Digital Communication, Microwaves, Satellite and Television Systems, Antennas and Radar systems.

The Simulation or Software Portion of the Laboratory

The “Software or Simulation Portion” of the laboratory is equipped with the latest and advanced softwares, such as “XILINX ISE Chipscope Pro” and “Radio Lab”, as well as advanced Trainer kits of  “Software Defined Radio” and Blue tooth, in addition to the basic infra structure. Advanced Level research work catering to the present need of the nation, in the fields of Wireless Blue-tooth technology, the Digital Mobile Technology and in the multimedia technology, is going on in this portion of the laboratory under the guidance and supervision of the foreign-qualified and national award-winning faculty members of the department of Electronics Engineering.

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